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Play and earn gaming comps with every $20 spent.

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Video Poker

On entering Game King Video Poker, you are presented with a screen displaying nine boxes, each box represents a different format of video poker. For example, in the top left box you’ll find Jacks or Better, while in the bottom right you’ll find Joker Poker. Simply click on any of the nine boxes to load that game.


Each person in the eyes of Keno is different. For some people, Keno may be only a form of entertainment, but in others it seems this may be a window of opportunity. There are many different keno family members each of which can give you a different experience.

Ancient Thunder

Unleash the power of the Greek Gods in Ancient Thunder Keno. Athena, Helios, Poseidon and Zeus offer exciting bonus features when triggered by filling their character tiles with hits!

Bonus group descriptions:

  • Athena (2 tiles) = adds 1 extra draw to the Extra Draw Counter symbol. Maximum accumulation is 20.

  • Helios with chariot (3 tiles) = triggers accumulated extra draws.

  • Poseidon (4 tiles) = Free Games.

  • Zeus - Instant Money (5 tiles) = Wheel Bonus.


Hitting the gold coin multiplies that win by 2X. First coin hit in the free games or triggering game yields a 2X multiplier. Added hits increase value by 1X, maximum is 8X.

Nevada Century Gaming

The exclusive provider of The Camp Bar and Grill gaming selections. We have the best technicians in the industry and we’re proud of that!

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